evaluative statement
Evaluative statements

What’s an Evaluative Statement?

An Evaluative statement is a way of presenting your final judgement on an idea or issue, whether it be positive or negatives, right or wrong, moral or immoral, supported by research or valid reasons. Using an evaluative statement helps you self-assess your work, enabling you to present your ideas and thoughts in a summative fashion. […]

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classroom observation
Teaching observation

10 Useful Tips to Pass Lesson Observations

As the season for final placement of PGCE students is fast approaching, we can only expect more lesson observations take place. During this period, anyone could easily forget the basics, most especially because much attention is now being placed on children’s learning with a single lesson. However, the good news is that how you manage […]

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ofsted inspection

About the New Ofsted Education Inspection Framework September 2019

A new publication on the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework for September 2019 has been released. Although the new framework comes with some significant changes; however, in this piece, we will be discussing only the inspection of safeguarding. Just like in the previous release, a particular document known as the “Inspecting safeguarding in the early years, […]

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